This Genius Talks To Women On Tinder Using Only ‘American Psycho’ Quotes

Hey ladies, are you are interested in dating a guy with a steady job. Then we have found the perfect match for you. He works in murders and executions.

It seems that everyone’s favorite psychopathic yuppie Patrick Bateman has stopped obsessing over business cards with raised lettering and moved into the 21st century by joining the dating app Tinder. And luckily, someone is capturing his Tinder interactions with women, whom he only speaks to in quotes from the iconic American Psycho film starring Christian Bale,  and the deranged Brett Easton Ellis novel of the same name.

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The 1980’s Wall Street investment banker could potentially be quite the catch. He might just get you some sought after reservations at Dorsia on Friday night and remind you; “Don’t just stare at it, eat it.”

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