Guy Sends Unsolicited Dick Pic To Girl So She Finds His Mom And Threatens To Send To Her

When in doubt, threaten to tell mom – it worked when we were little kids getting picked on during recess, and it works as an adult assuming that your parents aren’t dead like some dirty little orphan. No one can make you feel quite as bad as your parents when they drop the “not mad, just disappointed” line on you, which is why “I’m telling your mom” is one of the only sentences that’ll strike fear into the hearts of toddlers and Navy SEALs alike.

One Imgur user, rockpapermeow, quickly figured this out and used it to her advantage. “This douche randomly messaged me at 3 a.m. a few weeks back,” she explained. “I’ve never received an unsolicited dick pic before, but I figured this would be a fun response.”

Girl Threatens To Forward Dick Pic To Kid’s Mom

First of all, this dude’s game is laughably weak. He might as well have chopped his dick off and stuffed it up his ass for how likely any girl would be to even respond to all the garbage he sent. Second, even though he’s an idiot I can’t deny that he’s got balls — blurred-out purple balls, yes, but this dude went four texts without a response and went immediately to dick pic. What a nuclear response. Such bravery, yet no brains.

Girl Threatens To Forward Dick Pic To Kid’s Mom: It Gets Ugly

This exchange quickly led to rockpapermeow finding his mother on Facebook:

Rockpapermeow later divulged that she never sent the pictures to his mother, however the kid “changed his name and blocked me right after this exchange.”

Girl Threatens To Forward Dick Pic To Kid’s Mom: Do It Anyway!

Other people on Imgur, however, wanted her to send the photos anyway…

…but eventually, rockpapermeow said she chose not to do it because “I just felt so bad after looking at her [mom’s] page. She seems like a nice woman but with a horrible, creepy son.”

Well no worries there rockpapermeow, because if that kid’s mom hasn’t seen this story, then his friends have, and eventually it’ll make its way around to her anyways. Which is better, finding out you have a horrible, creepy son from some random lady on Facebook, or finding out from literally everybody on the Internet and in real life?

And as for the kid? Sucks to suck, I feel worse for your mom than I do for you.

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