Guy Rides Motorcycle To Hospital With Knife Still In His Skull

A Brazilian man with an 11-inch knife lodged in his skull was still able to drive himself to the hospital on his motorcycle. Juacela Nunes got stabbed at a party when someone stuck an 11-inch blade in his head. Nunes ran to get help but the nearest hospital was more than 60 miles away. So he got on his motorcycle and started driving to the hospital with the knife sticking out of his head the entire time. That’s pretty much the only valid excuse for not wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle. 

We’re not sure how hospitals are run in Brazil but if you walk up to the receptionist with a knife in your head, you should get to jump the line. 

Thankfully, the blade didn’t pierce or damage his eye so he was able to see where he was going without causing further damage to himself or his fellow drivers. He managed to reach the nearest hospital after just two hours of driving. Doctors carefully removed the blade and also discovered that he suffered several wounds on his chest and throat as a result of the attack. Nunes told police at the hospital that he doesn’t even remember being stabbed but he never fainted or lost consciousness. We may have finally found someone who can defeat Chuck Norris. 

Doctors said he’ll make a full recovery and he won’t suffer any long term damage from his injuries. His wife called it a “miracle.” Is there a Nobel Prize in Badassness and if not, can we create one just for this guy? 

Source: Metro UK