Need a New Job? Try Being a Zombie

Unemployment in the US was at 5.60% last month, which means over 15 million people are jobless out there.  Plus, of all those people who are actually employed, how many people do you figure actually enjoy their job?  According to a 2013 poll, about 70% of people hate their jobs.  That works out to roughly 200 million people, give or take.  That’s a lot of people who need a better job.  So why not become a zombie like Alex Noble?

Alex, from the UK, used to have a job in finance, which we can assume means he took money from people and never gave it back to them (banker, accountant, etc.).  His job was stable and he was good at it but, let’s face it, a job in finance is literally as exciting as you can imagine.  It’s probably a lot like feeling yourself slowly aging and dying, day by day.  Alex took about as much of it as he could handle while spending his spare time dressing up as a zombie to make appearances in local films and games for absolutely no compensation whatsoever.  Why? Because Alex likes zombies.

Then one day opportunity came a-knocking.  A company called Slingshot was setting up a very cool sounding survival game called 2.8 Hours Later (that’s kind of clever, right?  Yeah…) which allows you to enjoy nearly 3 hours of faux zombie apocalypse in a town near you.

What does one do for 2.8 hours?  You and your fellow survivors are given a location.  Somewhere nearby, in the land of the undead, are some children who survived the apocalypse and need you to rescue them and get them out without any of you getting eaten.  Sounds reasonable.  Also, when it’s done, there’s a party at a bar and they have beer, so that’s awesome.

Alex took his leap of faith and gave up his 9-5 job to be a full time zombie and it seems to be working out for him.  2.8 Hours Later charges players £38 per person and expects to have a few thousand survivalists run the game, so there’s a decent chunk of change to be made as a professional zombie.  Sound fun?  Check it out.

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This article may have sounded a bit like a commercial but mostly we just thought this was cool.  Plus really, isn’t giving up a desk job to become a zombie the best transition ever?