Guy Punches 78-Year-Old Man In Face Over Nutella Waffle Samples At Costco

The free samples at Costco are legendary. There you are in a vast warehouse of oversized food and consumer goods representing everything that is kickass about ‘Murica and on top of that they are handing you FREE SAMPLES of snacks. It is enough to make ya’ll go crazy with giant mayonnaise sized tubs of rage. Sadly for one resident of Burbank, California this came all too true this past Sunday when the 78-year-old man just wanted one of the free Nutella- waffles that were being handed out to customers. –Wait; Costco -Nutella? The world has gone too far.

However, before the unidentified man could receive his hazelnut spread treat of ungodly goodness, 24-year-old Derrick Gharabighi swooped in and snagged several of the Nutella waffles off the sample table, leaving none for anybody else. That is when the older man, who had been in the process of reaching for the Nutella, scolded him saying he wanted a sample and he shouldn’t take so many. Gharabighi promptly turned around and PUNCHED him right his face. Damn! Did this guy just recently invest in a pharmaceutical company?

Well that’s just terrible. I mean did Gharabighi even finish the Nutella before he punched the guy in his face? Or was it completely wasted? Burbank Police were called to the scene and found the victim with a giant cut and swelling above his left eye. Police arrested the 24-year old who is now being held on $50,000 bail and is charged with elder abuse for assaulting a person over 70. Hopefully Gharabighi will be able to get lots of free samples of all kinds of delicious things where he is headed.

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Source: ABC7