Guy Pulls Over Cops For Illegal Turn; Gets $146 Ticket

Police officers rolling down the street in their squad car are second only to bicyclists in their blatant disregard for traffic laws. After all, they are the police. Who is going to pull them over? Apparently, this guy.

Michael Reilley of Montreal allegedly witnessed an officer making an illegal left turn without flashing his lights, using his siren or even a regular turn signal. He was quick to try and give the cops a good old fashioned “taste of their own medicine” and sped after the cop car, flashing his headlights and honking his horn at the police to pull them over. This is impressive, as I’m not sure how the man can even operate a vehicle without his enormous balls getting in the way.

Eventually the confused cops pulled to the side of the road, probably thinking the man was flagging them down for some kind of emergency. However Reilley told the officers;

“Do you realize that you made an illegal left turn without any flashing lights?”

Reilley, who apparently doesn’t watch the news and thought the cops would thank him for this civic duty and send him on his way, was shocked at how they responded. They immediately became hostile and told him, “You don’t pull us over, we pull you over!”

Then they promptly wrote him a $146 ticket for “honking unnecessarily.” He only got a ticket?! That’s cute, Canada.

It seems Reilly has had a beef with the fuzz for a while. He was angered by a recent Montreal police union pension protest where officers were dressed without their uniform’s pants, and were plastering their squad cars with stickers. Now he filed an official complaint alleging abuse of power and is seeking $250 from the officers for his trouble. I wonder if he will storm in the cops’ house and write them the ticket for $250.

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So lucky he doesn’t live in ‘Merica.

He says, “What they did at city hall was awful, the way they’re dressed to look like a bunch of clowns, the stickers all over their cars. It’s just outrageous. And something’s got to be done about it.”

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These stickers on cop cars really anger Reilly. But why? Who cares?

Reilley seems like the kind of nice old guy who drinks coffee at a diner every morning, pointing things out in the newspaper to halfheartedly complain about while the waitress smiles and nods. The police union protest and officer traffic violations seemed to be his breaking point. He’s not going to take it anymore! Good for him. Although I’m not sure how this would go over in other places.

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Would you pull over a police officer wearing pink camo pants?

If you saw a police officer make an illegal move on the road would you attempt to pull them over? What do you think would happen in your town if you tried something like this with the police?

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