Guy Posts Pictures Online After Finding Girlfriend Naked In Bed With Roommate

What would you do if you found your girlfriend naked in bed with her male roommate?

There’s really any number of answers most people would give to this question, but it’s the boyfriend of this cheater who decided to take pictures of his lady in the act…and then post them online. Since the unfortunate victim posted the pics to his facebook, the images eventually went viral with over 400,000 views on the site Imgur. One can assume because most people that have ever been cheated on only wish they had proof. Lucky for this guy, he got it.

Yeeeeeah, that’s pretty rough. Fortunately, the boyfriend of the cheater didn’t do anything more drastic than post the pics online, which lead to a slew of comments from his friends. As you could guess, they all felt as strongly about the situation as he did.

The funny part is how his friends start to get into the idea of sharing the post, hoping that it goes viral. Well, gentlemen, your wish has come true.

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source: Imgur