Instead Of A Profile Pic, This Guy Posted His Bank Statement On Tinder

Whereas most douchebags post a picture of their dong on Tinder, a user named Brandon took the dating app to a new level of grossness by posting a screen shot of his checking account balance as a profile pic.

Nice try, Brandon. But we’ve all got Photoshop, and whipping something like this up isn’t too difficult. Allow me to illustrate my point:

[[contentId: 2759637| alt: Tinder Wookie| style: width:75%]]

The perfect crime!

See? Not even remotely difficult.

We don’t know anything about Brandon, 29, beyond the balance in his checking account, due to the fact that he hasn’t filled in the bio. However, we can infer that he is likely a douche.

But what if we’re looking at this the wrong way? Perhaps Brandon is making a statement by posting his statement. Tinder is an app that caters to the superficial. In most cases, users choose their potential matches based off physical appearance, which is also kind of tacky. So why not lead with your best feature? In this case, a bunch of money that is only going to attract a lot of awful people anyway.

Is Brandon playing the game right or shining a light on the sleaziness of Tinder? If so, he’s also contributing to the sleaziness of Tinder. It’s a lot like a snake eating its own tail (which I’m sure you could pay to see for the right price). (Source)