This Guy Missed The Moment Of A Lifetime Because He Was Busy Texting (PHOTO)

Most of the time we’re too busy to look up from our phones because nothing is more important than answering an email, any email, right away. With as many social media sites that we’re all on, it’s hard to keep up if you’re not on them 24 hours a day in one continuous loop. But it’s good to remember that some things are better in life than your friend’s status update.

Take this guy who was out on a private sailboat whale watching while other boats were out doing the same thing. The photographer of this picture said the man didn’t once notice the whales in his presence.

“A small private sailboat maneuvered really close to the whales, and this guy on it was literally sitting in that position and never moved,” Smith said. “He could have been texting his mom in the hospital for all I know, but I thought it sucked that he missed such a wonderful moment happening just two feet in front of him.”

The thing about whale watching is you’re usually out on the water for hours on end waiting for a single whale to appear usually in the distance. And when one finally does, it can usually last just for a few seconds. Let alone seeing a whale appear directly next to your boat.

We can only assume he was texting, but maybe he was taking a boat selfie or playing Candy Crush or something else super important like that. Regardless, we’re glad the photographer of this picture not only captured a cool fleeting moment, but also taught a lesson for most of us to remember as well.

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source: Yahoo