Did A Girl Just Give You Her Number? Here’s Why You Should Never Use It

Ladies, when you’re approached by some random guy at a bar and he starts asking for your number, feel free to decline giving it to him. Especially if you feel the need (for whatever reason) to give that random guy a fake phone number because that fake phone number is actually a real phone number leading to a real person.

Joey Royle has been getting the brunt of some strange woman’s doings because she keeps giving dudes Joey’s phone number (unbeknownst to her) and Joey has no way to contact her and tell her to stop because he doesn’t know who the hell she is! Not to mention that most of these dudes texting Joey have no idea they’re texting some guy.

One thing Joey did figure out is that the woman who had kept giving out Joey’s number was named Elsie after a few guys had mentioned her by name in their texts. So Joey decided if he can’t beat’em, join’em. After months of getting unsolicited texts from dudes trying to get laid, Joey decided he may as well screw with these guys and post the messages online for all to enjoy. At least Joey can make some people laugh from his ongoing annoyance by setting up fake dates with these real thirsty dudes.

This whole conversation reminds us how truly awful dating can be. Sure, some girls will actually give you their real number but let’s be honest, most of the time you just end up annoyed in one way or another anyway. Probably better off chopping off your genitals and buying a dog.

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