Guy Gets Tattoo Of White And Gold #TheDress: See It To Believe It

Last week there were llamas on the loose, and a white and gold/ blue and black dress blowing everyone’s mind. What was all that about again? It was a long weekend, it’s a new month and the Internet and the world have moved on. Yet one man decided to commemorate one of last week’s viral news stories on his body for the rest of his life.

Daniel Howland posted his latest tattoo to Instagram and I’m guessing he has “no regerts.”

Howland was celebrating #TheDress – which most of the world fought over as to its true color: evil.

However I’m interested to know what he sees when he looks at his tattoo.

While I am on team gold and white it is apparent that he believes the dress is blue and black as evidenced by the coloring of his tat with the words “White And Gold?” – as if to mock those of us on team white and gold.

BUT; what if when he looks at his leg he thinks it really is white and gold? What color is this tattoo!? Oh no! What do you see when you look at the tattoo?

Some people have started selling T-Shirts so you can publically declare what color you think the dress is:

However I contend getting a tattoo of this passing event is probably the worst decision since I got my Crazy Rhubarb Lady tattoo. Never forget Crazy Rhubarb Lady.

Source: Daily Dot 

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