Guy Gets Revenge On His Cheating Girlfriend By Giving Her The ‘Best’ Birthday Gift

There’s rarely ever a “good” excuse for cheating, which means you only ever need to know one side of the story to immediately jump to conclusions over who was right and who was wrong. Like, I don’t know who this woman is or who “Hubert” is, but it’s pretty safe to assume they’re both giant cheating bags of dicks. Luckily, this guy gets revenge on his cheating girlfriend and catches it on film for all of us to laugh at:

Guy Gets Revenge On His Cheating Girlfriend: Birthday Edition

Dude should be counting his blessings that he caught her cheating, not just because she’s the epitome of dog crap, but because she did it with a dude named Hubert. HUBERT. You might as well named your kid “Cockstrap Cumguzzle,” because either way the only way that kid is getting laid is if the girl spreading her eagle is deaf, illiterate, or literally has standards so low that she eats hot pockets for dinner every night.

Unpopular opinion: hot pockets are trash; email me if you want to discuss.

Guy Gets Revenge On His Cheating Girlfriend: Could He Do Better?

But can we talk about how that birthday “gift” was a little lame? If you catch her cheating you gotta go BIG, because it’s the one time no one will fault you for being extra. I’m talking highway billboards, outing her to her family over a nice dinner, bombing her entire house with glitter – but wrapping up her shit in boxes? I mean that’s cool too, but if someone’s gonna cheat on me with a dude named Hubert you best bet I’mma do more than dollar store wrapping paper and scotch tape.

[H/T Barstool]