Guy Gets Arrested For Taking Cop’s Parking Space

A police officer in (where else?) Florida got slapped with a lawsuit by a man who claims he arrested him just for taking his parking spot. 

A cop tried to arrest a man for taking his spot in this parking lot. Yay.

The arrest happened back in 2011 when Clausel Pierre pulled into the parking lot of a shoe store in a strip mall. Pierre parked his car and encounter Detective Frank Maio who ordered him to remove his car. Maio was off-duty at the time and worked as a security guard for the shopping center in his off-hours. Pierre refused to move from the spot because it didn’t have any “reserved” signs on it and he didn’t see a reason that he had to move it in order to accommodate Maio’s car. That allegedly sent Maio into a rage and he ordered Pierre to put his hands behind his back so he could arrest him. 

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Where was the cop when this guy parked?

Pierre called 911 to file a complaint against the officer while Maio was arresting him. Pierre’s lawyers obtained a copy of the call and posted it online through Soundcloud. Maio can be heard ordering Pierre on the ground as he tried to arrest him simply for taking his parking spot. The audio contains some language that might not be safe for work. Then again, if you were being arrested simply for parking your car, you might utter a couple of choice words as well. Listen here:

It took two years for a judge to drop the battery and resisting arrest charges that Maio filed against him. Pierre is currently seeking damages for the pain and suffering he endured as a result of Maio’s false charges. Wow, we never thought we’d long for the days when just got trampled by their fellow shoppers while trying to pick a couple of deals for their Christmas gift lists. 

Source: Broward Palm Beach