Guy Loses Bet, Forced To Make The Most Embarassing Calendar Ever

Henry Stern made a simple bet with his fantasy football league buddies. If he came in last place, he would create a calendar in which he re-enacts moments from pop culture like Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video and Janet Jackson’s nip slip from the Super Bowl. Well, unfortunately for Stern, that moment came to pass and he had to ante up. Curious if the bet included the note that he had to be practically naked for all of the images. Either way, he pulled it off with such perfection that we just had to share it with you.

And of course, the cover looks to be a less than flattering parody of the topless Rose sketch from Titanic.

Posted on his instagram account under the handle @Allstern, I think he did a bang up job. There hasn’t been any word if this calendar is only for his team, or posting it publicly was a part of the bet. But if there are copies for sale, I really hope he makes enough money where next season he can place a monetary instead.

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source: Metro