Guy Fieri Kicks Hairdresser in Fight Caught on Video

The “Dane Cook of the Food Network,” TV host Guy Fieri has been caught in a TMZ clip kicking his screaming and crying hairdresser out of an SUV. The two had just landed at San Francisco Airport and were being driven home.  Watch NSFW (language) TMZ Clip here:

The drunken fight between the two men began when Fieri finally found out that longtime hairdresser Ariel Ramirez has been pulling a 20 year practical joke on the celebrity chef. The spikey haired, bleach blond host of Diners, Drive- Ins and Dives thought that he was sporting a simple men’s haircut similar to Steve Carrel or Jon Hamm. However as seen in this photo obtained by the hairdresser Ramirez used a shitty, taped on picture of a traditional haircut over all of Guy’s mirrors in order to successfully pull off the ruse for so long.


Apparently in his drunken state Fieri finally saw a reflection of himself in his beer glass at which point he began screaming: “My hair! My hair! Oh my god I look like a giant douchebag!” The hairdresser’s joke on Mr. Fieri was also possible as he never watched an episode of any of the television programs that he was a host of… which in retrospect explains a lot.  

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