Dude Texts Pic To Girlfriend He’s In Bed, Buddies Hilariously Helped Him Fake It

If you’ve ever been a relationship, you know just how hard it is to find the perfect time where you can go hang out with your buddies and leave the girlfriend at home. She wants to be with you at every social function, making sure you keep your d*ck in line, right? However it’s not just finding the perfect opportunity that’s the tricky part. It’s how to fake it as if you aren’t going out at all that is the real key. No one said those early days in a relationship were easy.

One guy was out with his buddies when his girlfriend starting trying to get ahold of him, asking what he was up to. He told her that he was in bed, hoping she would just leave it at that. Nope, she persisted and persisted, to the point that he thought he was starting to run out of options. Does he tell her the truth and inevitably she show up or prove he is just at home in bed?! Finally, he realized he had only move he could pull that would keep his girlfriend neediness at bay but also let him continue to hang out with his friends: fake a photo like he is actually in bed. But how?!

Like action heroes devising a plan to escape the evil clutches of their captor, the dude grabbed his phone. His buddies took his jacket and made it look like a matress. They took another jacket and made it look like it was his blanket. Everyone had a job and only one shot to pull it off!


Obviously this girl had never been over to his place before (what a gentleman!) which would explain why he thought two jackets could at all fool her into thinking it was his bed, but hey, booze makes you do things you think are great ideas when in actuality, they’re pretty stupid. This idea however we thought was pretty genius. It was worth a shot at least.

Afterall, it’s good to try this just once so you’re able to tell when your girl is trying to do the same thing to you. Ouch.

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