If You’re Going To Propose While Skydiving, Don’t Drop The Ring

Planning a wedding proposal can be nerve-wracking. Everything has to be just so. The moment and place needs to be perfectly selected. Your words need to be well thought-out and flow effortlessly. And you shouldn’t accidentally drop the ring from a height of several thousand miles. That last point is very important.

Unfortunately, skydiver Brandon Strohbehn did exactly that as he proposed to his girlfriend Nicole during a tandem jump 12,500 feet above the Earth.

Luckily, it was actually fake engagement ring that Strohbehn intentionally dropped to mess with future wife who we hope has a great sense of humor. Once they safely landed, he retrieved the real ring from his brother and asked the question appropriately.

Let this be a warning to anyone planning an exxxtreme proposal. When popping the question while plummeting like a rock, you should always affix your ring with a tiny parachute. That way you can ensure your proposal goes off and you don’t kill anybody on the ground below.

In other news, the fake ring killed a guy on the ground below. Probably.