Now Let's Read The Hilarious Texts Of A Man Who Went To Comic-Con On Mushrooms

On the Internet, Comic-Con comes across as a pop-culture mecca stuffed to the gills with cool celebrities and sexy-cosplay girls. In reality, it's a sweaty, never-ending line filled with people you would normally cross the street to avoid (myself included).

If you can somehow manage to navigate past the barrage of marketing bullshit, anything that's actually worth seeing has a four-hour wait. So aside from the weirdos in costumes, it's basically like being at the DMV. Or to be more accurate, it's like being at the DMV in Gotham City.

Of course, that's a very pessimistic view. In the right frame of mind, the event can be a lot of fun. However, if you're looking to stay in the right frame of mind, I wouldn't recommend taking a bunch of psychedelic mushrooms, like Reddit user "ansomble" did last weekend. Luckily, he documented his entire Comic-Con "trip" via texts to his girlfriend. Let it serve as a warning to you about the dangers of deeply pondering your own mortality while waiting to see the cast of Teen Wolf. It's gonna get ugly. (Hat Tip: Uproxx)