Guy Catches Wife Cheating In Bed And Starts Throwing Punches Left And Right

I understand why you’d want to beat the shit out of the guy your wife is cheating on you with. That’s your wife that he’s raw dogging while you’re out of town — what a pile of shit, right?

But what if he doesn’t know that your wife is a wife? What if she told him she’s single and he’s just some poor unsuspecting schmuck? If that’s the case then it’s really not his fault and you’ve gone and broken his nose for no good reason — hence, why I’m usually on team #BlameYourSpouse. Your girlfriend/wife knows that she’s in a relationship. Your girlfriend/wife knows that cheating is scummy. Yet for whatever reason it’s okay to beat the shit outta the guy sleeping with your wife even if she’s the one pursuing him and faking like she’s single for a couple nights a week.

Am I saying you should hit your girl for cheating on you? No, of course not! That would be irresponsible. I’m saying you should hit whoever’s fault it is IF you’re going to hit someone in the first place (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway but life isn’t perfect) and if you’re gonna smash something, that something or someone might as well be deserving. Kind of like what happened when this husband caught his wife in bed with another guy:


In the heat of the moment you don’t really have much of a chance to sit both parties down for an interrogation on who came onto who and who knows what about who’s dating who. I get that. So in this case, I can’t fault the husband for smashing up the guy without pouring him a cup of tea beforehand and asking for his life story. Poor dude — one minute he’s riding on the road to Pound Town in a 2017 Camaro, the next he’s getting his shit pushed in with a Ford Pinto.

Who’s fault is it really — the spouse or the guy? Let us know in the comments!