Guy Calls Out Girlfriend For Cheating With His Friend In Shocking Facebook Post!

A poor guy was understandably angry when he received a photo texted to him from his best friend of his girlfriend cheating. The evidence was right there in the outrageous picture of betrayal.

Outraged, he did something that we have seen time and time again in these situations; he posted the incident to social media in an effort to shame what I assume may soon be his ex-girlfriend. Previously we have seen incidents where a married guy on Tinder was humiliated by his wife who took over his account:

Then there was the vengeful husband who planned a surprise birthday party for his cheating wife so she would be caught in the act in front of her entire family.  BRUTAL.

So while posting the censored image to Facebook for all of their mutual friends to see her indiscretion might seem a bit harsh, it is on par with the sort of cheating significant other revenge we have seen before. However his assertion that he “appreciated” the friend sending the pic seems a bit odd. Well, it turns out she wasn’t chugging exactly what you thought she was.

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The young couple had just made a New Year’s resolution to go on a diet together and she was binging on sugary soft drinks! Oh Michael Bloomberg would be so angry. What a harlot! Apparently he doesn’t want a Fanta! Fanta!



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