Guy Calls Cops To Report Shooting… In Grand Theft Auto

Video games are becoming more and more realistic. 2015 is supposedly going to be the year that virtual reality full emersion games finally hit the market and we can all strap in and never have to talk to another filthy human in reality again. I can’t wait! -Plus VR porn, am I right fellas?

Someone call 911!

So I can understand how someone might get wrapped up in a game and start to have trouble distinguishing between reality and the virtual world. However authorities in South Shields, England are not so sympathetic to 25 year-old David Helens. That’s because the gamer called emergency services and in a shouting panic told the dispatcher that his “friend Max” took a bullet to the chest and was slipping in and out of consciousness. The problem is that “Max” was just a character in Grand Theft Auto – and no living, breathing persons where in any physical danger. ..What a psycho! I bet he’s pretty good at Grand Theft Auto; well at least until he let “Max” get shot.

Don’t make any sudden movements around David Helens. He thinks he’s in a video game.

Helens went on to scream that he himself was being attacked while on the phone with emergency services. Two ambulances and police were quickly sent to his home where they were stunned to find this brain surgeon sitting in front of his television playing the game, totally fine.  While in GTA you can do whatever you want and get away with it, in RL there are consequences. Helens will serve 180 days of unpaid community service for his 12 minute call that left the dispatcher concerned and shaken from his behavior.

I think he was expecting these guys to show up at his door.

As you know cops don’t carry guns in England. Otherwise I imagine it would have been very hard for an officer not to give him the hole in the chest he was looking for. -After all it was already called in as a gunshot wound victim. I’m kidding! Violence is never the answer, unless you’re playing GTA.   No word on how “Max” is doing. I’m sure murdering a few virtual prostitutes will cheer him up.

Source: CNET

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