Guy Almost Blows His Leg Off After Flicking Lit Cigarette Into Sewer (VIDEO)

Did you know that disposing of a lit cigarette in a sewer could blow you up? Well, it can and now you do. But not everyone is as lucky, intelligent and insanely good looking as you (can you tell I’m in a good mood today?), which means that some people live life on “Hard” mode. Some people pay for a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies and then complain when they graduate making $25,000 a year, some people eat themselves to 500 pounds and then get upset when they can’t get a date, and some people mindlessly flick cigarettes into sewers without realizing that doing so can cause an explosion.

Case in point: this guy.

As you can see, our unlucky, unintelligent and nowhere-near-as-good-looking-as-you man in question is left crawling away, now painfully aware that flammable gasses + open flame = several years of PTSD therapy and a giant hospital bill.

The best (worst?) part of it all? Poor dude’s looking straight down the hole when shit literally hits the fan. Guy’s lucky he survived in the first place, which brings us to our discussion question of the day:

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done that could’ve killed you, but didn’t?

Growing up back home our fire place was half gas, half wood-burning, meaning that it had a gas line you turned on and ignited in order to help get the wood to catch, but after the fire caught on you turned the gas off because it wasn’t necessary anymore and would be a waste to keep on. My parents repeatedly told me not to light a fire while they weren’t home, but because I was in 5th grade and thought I was the smartest goddamn creature to ever walk the planet, I ignored them. Also, I was cold. Fuck being cold.

So I throw in some newspaper and stack kindling and logs on top, turn on the gas and then go to the bathroom.

If you know exactly the type of fireplace I’m talking about, you’ll realize that going to the bathroom is where I fucked up. I should’ve lit the newspaper, THEN turned on the gas – but instead what I basically did was let the gas seep out into the living room for a few minutes instead, unignited.

I finish up in the bathroom, walk back into the living room and see the fire isn’t going. “Oh silly me” is what I definitely didn’t say because I was alone, but for the sake of this story let’s run with it anyway. “I need to light the paper! Hur durr, durr durr durr.”

For those keeping track at home, this is my second mistake, as the minute I clicked the lighter on and all that gas that’d been welling up caught flame…

Yeah, I woke up on the floor with the top layer of my hair singed off. Fire was going though and the house was warmer, so that was a plus. Parents never found out either because I’m a sneaky lil’ bitch who hides her tracks well – also, I am great at lying.

So that’s my story – what’s yours?

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done that could’ve killed you, but didn’t?