Chris Pratt Gives You A Tour Of His Awesome ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Ship

I finally caught Guardians of the Galaxy last night and enjoyed the hell out of it. I appreciated how much fun they simply wanted to make the entire movie with a laugh for every roundhouse kick to the face. Fun story, fun music, fun characters, with Star-Lord played by Chris Pratt leading it all. Of course we know his BFF’s are the other Guardians of the Galaxy, but his number one is his ship The Milano. Here’s a fun video made by Marvel where Pratt gives you a quick tour of his ship MTV Cribs-style.

The Milano is a pretty random name for a ship, but recently Guardians director/co-writer James Gunn revealed that the ship was indeed named by Star-Lord because of his childhood crush on actress Alyssa Milano. It only adds that much more charm to the movie when it’s pretty much set in our reality as references to Kevin Bacon’s Footloose, cassette tapes and Ninja Turtles. Long story short, if you haven’t seen it, check it out. May be one of the last fun movies you’ll see in a theater for a while.

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