“Grumpy Dog” Is The New Grumpy Cat And Both Are Not OK With That

For the past few years Grumpy Cat has been the reigning champion of pet based frowning animal memes on the Internet.

Well now the sour puss has some grumpy competition in the form of a second generation puggle (a cross between a pug and a beagle; picture that happening!) The little puppy named Earl is only five months old, but he resembles an old man who has lived a long, hard life.

Earl was a big Cecil The Lion fan

Even the coldest, darkest, grumpiest of you guys will have to take a short break on the constant rage slinging from  your fingertips in order to experience a fleeting moment of joy while looking at this silly little dog.

Earl is shocked that Donald Trump didn’t go farther on his comments on illegals.

Or not; if Earl were human he seems like the type of guy you could sit down with over a lukewarm glass of ginger ale and angrily discuss Obamacare and Benghazi at length. However he is a dog, so you can’t even have that pleasure!

Earl is the Benjamin Button of Dogs, which is sad.

Earl’s owner, Derek Bloomfield of Iowa posted pictures of the sad sack to the web and they quickly went viral. Bloomfield says that despite his outward appearances the dog is actually a happy, playful little guy. You could say that he just has “resting grump face.”

Earl would like to air some complaints and grievances.

Bloomfield has nothing to be grumpy about; it was reported that Grumpy Cat and her owners have earned $100 million dollars. So hopefully for his sake Earl turns doesn’t learn how to smile.

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Source: Daily Mail