Group Says Elon Musk’s Hyperloop A Reality In A Decade

If you’re a fan of futuristic stuff, you may recall two years ago when billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk released a detailed proposal to create a Hyperloop. This advanced land based transportation system would place passengers in pods that travel in a giant tube on cushions of air and get from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 35 minutes traveling at speeds of up to 800 miles an hour. For comparison the average speed of a commercial jetliner is 550 and 580 mph. It’s basically like a giant version of one of those pneumatic tubes from the bank- that travels the speed of sound. What could go wrong?

Where is that lady walking to? Ut-oh.

In keeping up with his “Good Guy Billionaire” image Musk released the plans to the public and challenged forward thinking folks to making the Hyperloop a reality. Musk didn’t take up the challenge himself because he is already busy with two or three humanity changing companies of his own to run; electric car manufacturer Tesla, solar panel installation service, Solar City and private rocket company SpaceX. While these companies all have varying degrees of big success, many saw the vision for the Hyperloop as fantasy. For one thing it may cost as much as $7 to $16 Billion dollars or more.

It makes that “swwwoomp!” sound when it starts moving.

That’s when some engineers, including current and former NASA, SpaceX and got crowd sourced funding through JumpStartFund  to create Hyperloop Transportation Technologies with the intent of making Musk’s vision come to life. While the original plan was to connect LA and SanFran with a system that is faster than air travel, the group wants to try and connect the entire country at these speeds. Now you won’t have an excuse any longer for getting back home to see mom.

Do we really want to be able to see all these people that quickly? Ugh.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies CEO  says that technology is not the issue, they have that covered. The main problem, is getting public support for the pricey project and determining if people would actually use the thing. I for one think it would be excellent to be shot through a tube at 800 miles per hour. Why not?

Would you guys ride in a Hyperloop? Do you think it will ever become a reality?

Maybe they are really building a star gate!

Source: Mashable

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