The Grossest Things Ever Found In Grocery Store Food

ham and hair found inside a dessert from Morrisons

Image Source: Huffington Post

Eating food outside your farm or garden is always a gamble and Kurt Harrison just found that out the hard way.

His sister bought the family a raspberry turnover from England’s Morrisons Supermarket and when he cut into it, a chunk of boiled ham rolled out – along with a short, curly hair. But this isn’t the first time people have found somethign gross in their food:


Morrisons strikes again. A 12-year-old girl found eight maggots inside a bag of uncooked rice. A sealed bag of rice.

a young girl holds a bag of rice that she found 8 maggots in

Image Source: The Mirror

Human Teeth

A woman found a human tooth lodged in a block of cheese at a grocery store in Cambridge. Obviously a worker at the cheese factory tried to taste test the cheese and failed…

a tooth found in a block of cheese

Image Source: Yahoo UK

Another woman – this one in Texas – bought a Milky Way at a grocery store and got a bite from a human tooth hiding inside of it.

Razor Blades

A Wal-Mart Superstore sold a carton of ice cream with a razor blade buried inside. My second favorite flavor.

Live Scorpion

This little fella’ was found among some bananas that had been shipped in from Costa Rica to a market in the U.K. It was spotted by a grocery worker before someone bought them.

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At Aldi’s, a gecko was found squashed up inside the plastic wrap with a cucumber.

a squashed gecko found inside plastic with a cucumber

Image Source: Daily Star


The store was Sainsbury’s, and the mouse was found dead inside a can of baked beans.

Cause of death: drowning by baked bean sauce.

a dead ouse found inside a can of baked beans

Image Source: The Guardian

In a separate incident, an English man found a mouse inside of loaf of bread.

And then there was the Illinois grocery store patron that found a dead mouse in his can of Mountain Dew…

a mountain dew and a live mouse

Image Source:


A woman actually had to go the hospital after swallowing a one inch nail from her Tesco mac and cheese. It was one of two nails found inside the box.

a woman holds up nails found inside her macaroni & cheese

Image Source: The Daily Mail


In Michigan, a family popped open a Meijer-bought bag of frozen veggies — which included a frozen frog. One day cryogenics will be advanced enough to bring that frog back to us…

a frozen frog in a bag of frozen veggies

Image Source Rant Food


A man found a cockroach encased inside his grocery store bought cough drops.

a man holds up a menthol with a cockroach encased inside

Image Source: Herald Sun


Several grocery stores across the U.S. sold Gerber baby food with shards of glass inside. That’s right. SHARDS OF GLASS.

Gerber baby logo

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