Groom Gropes Pregnant Server At His Own Wedding, All Hell Breaks Loose

Well here is one way to get your marriage off to a rocking start; grope a pregnant lady who is working at your wedding reception. For today’s lesson in marital debauchery we go to Pittsburgh, PA where 33 year-old Mark Williams is accused of trying to force a 19-year old pregnant waitress aboard the Gateway Clipper to take shots of booze all while “getting handsy” with her throughout the night. Apparently this guy thought he was still in the Champagne room at the strip club from his bachelor party.

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The young lady, who was not identified, tried to avoid the groom most of the night and later called her boyfriend to come pick her up. When she told him what had been going on the boyfriend confronted Williams and that’s when the fight broke out at 1 A.M outside the Gateway Clipper entrance.  They say it’s “till death do us part,” maybe he just wanted to get a jump on the death part.

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David Williams, the groom’s brother who is an off duty State Trooper, jumped into the fight; when police arrived he wouldn’t listen, and even struck an officer. Maybe he was just trying to keep the party going by doing the YMCA? Have you ever done the YMCA after a few rum and cokes? Someone could get a black eye.

Mark Williams; I wonder if his groomsmen gifts were those little engraved baseball bats you get at Things Remembered?

A third man, Brian Taylor, who is school board member in the Sto-Rox School District (yay) got involved in the fight by punching the window of a parked car so hard it broke the glass and blood began flying everywhere. Which is just silly as the car didn’t get handsy with anyone.

Brian Taylor: Just making sure no kids were trapped in an overheated car is the story he is going with.

That’s why I say it’s always a bad idea to have a bachelor party the night before the wedding. Guys need to “detox” from spending hours in a strip club before they go back out into the real world where everyone woman you come in contact with isn’t propositioning you for a $40 dry humping session. Although a strip club might be a little tame for this groom. He sounds like the type of guy who goes out and bangs a hooker at his bachelor party.

Hopefully Williams was able to spend his wedding night getting handsy with someone in county lockup as it sure wasn’t with his bride. She watched as he and his brother and the window punching guy all were arrested and hauled off to jail. Where are these crazy kids honeymooning? Sounds like a party.

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