Groom Fakes Death To Get Out of Wedding

A young British woman named Alex Lanchester got the most heart wrenching phone call that anyone could receive. Only a few months before their wedding, her fiancé Tucker Blandford was so depressed that he threw himself in front of a car.

That would be really sad on its own; but there’s one small problem.  Tucker made the whole thing up.

As crazy as it seems, that guy ditched that girl. Who gets to keep the dog though?

Tucker and Alex met in college in 2012 while Alex was studying for a year at Connecticut University. They started dating and quickly got engaged. While Alex had to return to Britain, the supposedly happy couple was making plans to be married this month near Tucker’s home town in the good old US of A.

But apparently, Tucker was coming up with other big plans; namely how to best break off a wedding engagement. Simply calling her and telling her it was over seemed too complicated for him, so he went with plan B. He called Alex, putting on a fake voice, and pretending to be his own father.

“Alex, this is Tucker’s dad,” Blandford told her. “There’s no easy way to say this; I am sorry to say that Tucker is dead.”

That’s terrible.  At least he could have waited to fake his own death until after he had his bachelor party first and really gone out with a bang!

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“Oh hello. I’m Tucker’s father. He’s dead. Goodbye!”

Alex was understandably upset by the news and later called back Tucker’s real parents. That’s when things took a turn for the weird. Not only was Tucker alive, but his mother didn’t even know anything about his engagement to be married. Well if he wasn’t dead for real, no one would blame Alex if she actually killed him. She’s owed a dead fiance for the grief he made her go through. I think fair is fair! What did he think was going to happen? She was just going to hang up the phone and move on with her day? Anyone over the age of ten should know that faking your own death only works in sitcoms, whacky comedies, and soap operas.

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What would you do if someone you loved faked their own death?

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