Grindr Users Vote On Scottish Independence

Grindr, as you may know, is the dating app for guys who like guys and are looking to hook up. One user in Edinburgh, Scotland thought this would be the perfect place to take a poll on what these gentlemen thought about the upcoming vote for Scottish independence from The United Kingdom of Great Britain. He posted his findings to Tumblr under the name machotrouts, and he got a great response.

Which side do you think he is in favor of? On second thought, don’t answer that.

You may think the only thing Grindr users care about being independent are their trousers from their legs. However, you may be surprised. It is a union that has lasted for over 300 years, so it seems like they have thought about this long and hard.

And then there were guys who really just came for a good jolly rogering; piss off, then!

Palate Cleanser:

Whoops!! Palate Cleanser!

Those are Scottish chicken wings.

Machotrouts tallied up his responses and it looks like the “no’s” have it!

NO: 114

YES: 101

Undecided: 24

Other opinion: 20

Indifference: 15

Evasion: 38

Bemusement: 13

Amusement: 2

Too horny to answer: 6

General rejection: 4

Did not respond: 318

Do you agree with the vote on Grindr? Or should Scotland vote to secede Great Britain?

Now watch this Grindr Prank:

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