Griff Tannen’s Car From Back To The Future II Is Up For Sale

Biff Tannen from Back to the Future might be one of the more iconic villains in movie history, but his grandson Griff Tannen might have actually been the more villainous of the two, and now you can buy his sweet ride from Back to the Future II in a one of a kind online auction. And yes, it does drive…but barely.

The car which is in actuality a 1976 BMW 6 series fit the bill for the art directors working on the sequel to Back to the Future only it was more for it’s look than it’s transportation. Truth be told, the car was never intended to actually move, so instead, it was placed on a forklift to give it the appearance of flying outside of Hill Valley’s 2015 diner. Now however, even though it is drivable, it’s not exactly road safe unless you have the extra funds to make it reach the soda fountain and back.

Also, if you do end up purchasing this thing, hopefully you can read German because this model wasn’t actually released to the US with all of it’s gages still in the foreign language.

Nothing like driving a sweet ride really slowly down the street while your hazard lights blink. Of course what you’re seeing in the video above is nothing at all like how the current owner received the car originally, giving the BMW a complete overhaul to get it back to how it looked in the 1989 film. And now…now it can be yours. If you’re rich that is.

Head over to iCollector to make your bid, which will probably be higher than the $10,000 minimum the auction has been set, but you better hurry. The auction ends in 16 days so you better rob a few banks quick if you wanna own this thing.

At whatever enormous price the final bid lands on, let’s hope it at least comes with a big truck load of maneur, just for posterity.