Greenpeace Publicity Stunt Ruins Ancient Monument In Peru

A group of Greenpeace environmental activists are facing criminal charges from the government of Peru after they posted a message on sacred grounds as part of a publicity stunt to bring attention to climate change. The message read “TIME FOR CHANGE! The future is renewable. Greenpeace.” Apparently the change they were talking about was changing the look of the 2000 year old Nazca Lines; ancient geoglyphs or animal figures etched in the ground on a plateau in Peru. The next sets of lines to be etched are in the foreheads of Peruvians from their collective face palm.

The future might be renewable but this ancient monument is not.

The images are only visible from nearby foothills or in an airplane. The sacred ground on which the lines were made, was used for ceremonial purposes by the Nazca people and is very fragile. Humans are normally never allowed to walk where the activist went in order to preserve the site. The Deputy Culture Minister of Peru said;   

“You walk there, and the footprint is going to last hundreds or thousands of years. They are absolutely fragile. They are black rocks on a white background. You walk there and the footprint is going to last hundreds or thousands of years.  And the line that they have destroyed is the most visible and most recognized of all.”

Seriously, not one of them thought of this? This wasn’t some lab testing on animals they were trying to help free; they were just using a sacred landmark for their own publicity.. I guess it worked! In this video clip you can see some of the Greenpeace activist – brain surgeons as they trample through the Nazca Lines.

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Hey Greenpeace, I got an idea; for every whale captured by a Japanese whaling boat we are going to donate a dollar to the save the dolphins campaign.

Clearly his hands were up.

Greenpeace apologized to Peru for creating “moral offense” and are working to see how they can help fix the damage done to the site. They will no longer use the photos from the Nazca Lines stunt in any publicity campaigns. However I assume they are next planning on drawing a dick on the Mona Lisa to protest elephant poaching.

I think the ancient Nazca people would have loved it.

So good job Greenpeace you have really helped change everyone’s opinion about your cause. Now the conclusion that commenters on the Internet will come to is: “These people are morons therefore climate change doesn’t exist.”  -Good work! Nailed it!

Source: The Guardian

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