Whoa! Great Britain Has Legal Marijuana E-Cigarettes

Now that marijuana is slowly becoming more and more acceptable and even legal in some places, companies are jumping at the chance to make some quick coin on this new cash crop. The latest will give Great Britain its first hemp e-cig. 

The company that made this hemp e-cig claims its legal but we’re not sure you want to blow a hit in a cop’s face just yet. 

KanaVape announced that they will sell what they claim is the first legal e-joint because it does not contain any THC, the psychoactive ingredient that turns marijuana smokers into giggling cookie monsters. That’s because their e-cigarette uses hemp with cannabidiol instead of THC. The company claims that since they have no THC, they are completely legal to use. I wonder what they were doing when they came up with that idea?

So smokers and tokers can still get the same relaxed feeling that they do from their favorite smoke-ables and edibles but without the part that makes you talk for hours about how there could be a tiny universe in your fingernail. 

We’re sure they would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the parolee in your life. 

It looks like they will only be available in Britain when they are released. Dang it, why does the UK get to have all the cool stuff before we do in America? First, Monty Python and now this. Maybe there is a chance that we’ll get this quicker than we thought since the US federal government just ended the ban on medical marijuana by sneaking it into the spending bill that passed through Congress over the weekend. Does this mean we have to get everyone in Congress something for Christmas as well? Brownies?

Source: Metro UK