You’ll Want To Dig Out Your Eyes After Watching This Grandma Twerk Vine

It was upon my third viewing that I started to notice the jiggle.

Posted by Brittany Lynn Turner on July 10th, the stomach-churning ‘Susan b Anthony’ vine has been played over 250,000 times, over 1450 likes with over 730 comments.  And it was upon the fourth viewing that I realized we are seeing her granny panties due to a completely lifted skirt for extra twerking.

Maybe the most unnerving part is her talking through it. “C’mon bitches, woooork, woooork it out, bitches”, as if the visual just wasn’t enough for you to handle. Watch at your own discretion. Lord knows I didn’t.

Now that that’s over with, how do you feel about it? Kinda hurts the stomach, doesn’t it. Well don’t feel alone, it’s not sitting too well with the internet either, even though we just can’t look away. I mean, what did we expect with a title like ‘Grandma Twerk’??

Upon a 10th viewing, I had a realization. I’m willing to bet there’s a grandma out there that could top Susan B. Anthony’s twerk vine to shreds, right? I mean she’s not even twerking to the beat for pete’s sakes. In case you have a grandma you think could compete against Susan B. up there, here’s the song she’s twerking to to get your Nana in the mood.

Vine is free afterall, so hey, may as well give it your best shot! As for me, I’m going to cower in a corner somewhere and wait til morning, praying it was all a nightmare.

Oh, and just in case you were extra curious what Susan B looked like from the front, here you go (as if that’s any consolation for what I’ve just put you through because clearly it is not).