Grandma Bullies Jim Acosta From CNN At A Trump Rally And Gets A Standing Ovation

Look, I’m not here to argue on whether or not CNN is “fake news” – I’m just here to crap on Jim Acosta for taking this grandma’s shit like a little bitch.

Grandma Bullies Jim Acosta From CNN

Poor Jim was in a lose-lose situation: he either sits there and watches as Betty White gets the whole crowd to chant “Go home, Jim!” or he fights back, in which case tomorrow’s headlines get to read something like “Jim Acosta Bullies Frail Old Woman.”

Why is there a rule we’re not allowed to bully old people? They’ve been around long enough to know that if you talk shit, you get hit. And if you’re cheering for grandma and not Jim Acosta, just think – the minute Acosta turns 800 like this woman, we’re not allowed to beat on him either. Is that the world you want to live in? One where we have to collectively stop bullying Jim Acosta the minute he starts regularly taking Metamucil?

Grandma Bullies Jim Acosta From CNN: There Is No Redemption

Acosta’s only move for redemption at this point is to have the biggest, baddest white dude there try to heckle him instead. Sure he’s not gonna do shit about him either, but at least he won’t look like a little bitch. Getting bullied by MAGA grandma is about as pathetic as you can get, which is quickly becoming par for CNN’s course.

But at least one good thing came from all of this: grandma now has a reason for living aside from making crochet nappies and hogging all that sweet, sweet Medicaid. She’s got a taste for blood, and that’s not something that can be satiated easily.

Watch out Jim Acosta, MAGA grandma has got your number and she’s coming for you, right after she goes down for her midday nap and figures out how to dial numbers on her touchscreen cell phone.