A Twerking Grammy And 7 Other Updated Looks To Bring The Award Into This Century

The Grammy’s air tonight but there’s one piece to the award show that really needs an updated look; the award itself. Frankly, today’s kids are confused by just the word gramophone so here are a few makeovers the award could use in order to bring itself into the 21st century.

1. The Taylor Swift Grammy

Comes with a complimentary golden diary to write down every…single…breakup.

2. The Lady Gaga Grammy

The award is buried in there somewhere.

3. The Miley Cyrus Grammy

Who needs a Grammy base when you could just have it stand to shake it’s butt.

4. The Adam Levine Grammy

This one is sponsored by tattoos and wreaks of Axe body spray.

5. The Name Any Indie Band With A Beard And Man Bun Grammy

Seriously, name an indie band. Just name one.

6. The Adele Grammy

Slightly huskier but emotionally powerful nonetheless.

7. The Kanye West Grammy

This Grammy actually comes with it’s OWN award. The “Kanye”.

8. The Nicki Minaj Grammy

And of course, the music industry wouldn’t be what it is today without some big butt twerking.

Created by Todd Spence, Winston Carter, Phil Haney and Jason Beck