Graffiti Drone Spray Paints Over Six-Story Tall Kendall Jenner Billboard

We now live in an exciting time for technology; a drone armed with a can of spray paint flew up alongside a six story tall billboard of Kendal Jenner posing for Calvin Klein Jeans and unleashed its hellfire of scribbles across her face. Forget killer flying robots, be on the lookout for airborne vandals!

Now it is a “work of art” -more publicity, yay.

While I was hoping that the drone operator was a 21st century hooligan dressed in the retro-futuristic styles of Back To The Future Part II’s Griff Tannen, sadly the perpetrator is an New York artist known as KATSU. KATSU, the artist, not a delicious batch of breaded chicken, is famous for his art themed stunts.


Last year he concocted the flying graffiti artist when he attached a spray can to a Phantom Drone and blasted some canvases. Of his very illegal billboard tagging stunt that he performed in the middle of the night he says;

“It’s exciting to see its first potential use as a device for vandalism.”

This reminds me of the film Robot & Frank, where an old jewel thief teaches an artificially intelligent robot to help him go on one last heist. Soon we will be using all of our new technologies for crime. I for one never understood how graffiti ends up in some hard to reach places, but the lines drawn on Jenner’s face would have been impossible without the little flying robot. Watch video here:

What crazy things would you use a drone for?

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Source:  Wired