Government Funded Boobs: Yay Or Nay?

Meet Josie Cunningham. She had no boobs:

Now, she has lots of boobs:

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How did she get those? The British government gave them to her!

Josie wanted to be a model but due to her lack of boobs, she wasn’t getting the jobs she wanted. So she went to the doctor and complained about the emotional toll her flat chest was giving her and low and behold, it worked!

She said she was afraid to go on vacation because being in a swimsuit was embarrassing. She couldn’t book jobs, she couldn’t make money, she couldn’t be happy. Basically, she claimed that without boobs, she couldn’t be happy or like Katie Price, the big-boobed model she dreams to be.

So, the goverment health care gave them to her. Hooray?

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Talking politics is hard because everyone has an opinion and like an asshole, they’re often messy and slightly shitty. You might like government health care, you might not. But, there is one thing we all like: boobies.

Boobies, man. What do we do about them? On the surface, the goverment paying for breast implants is wrong and a waste of tax payer money. But on the other hand, boobs are boobs and we can always use more boobs.

And her complaints might be legitimate, but her angle of “wanting to be a model and be Katie Price” completely makes her a joke. Could this excuse be legitimate in other circumstances? Maybe if she, you know… already looked like a model? (Honestly, the boobs aren’t the issue. Ask Miranda Kerr).

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Miranda Kerr, The World’s Hottest Surfboard

So how do you feel? Would you want America to pay for more boobs? Do you want there to be no health care? Try your hardest to have an insightyful discussion and not sound like a political nutjob by saying things like, “UHBAHMH IS KILLIN DUH MURHRIKUH DREAM” or “OHBUHMUH IS JEEZUHS.”