Google Employee Lives In Truck In Company Parking Lot To Not Pay Bay Area Rent

If you live in the Silicon Valley area of California that “homeless guy” living in the truck parked on your block may just be a Google software engineer. That is how bad rent prices have become there. Holy crap.

Maybe he will put the truck on Air BNB when he goes on vacation.

For over the past decade Google has been one of the most sought after places to get a job, making the top of Forbes’ list of “Best Companies To Work” For each year. The best and brightest from all over the country and the world compete for a well-paid spot at the tech giant’s headquarters so they can work on the latest must have apps, self-driving cars  and artificial intelligence that is going to take over the world one day and put them all out of those cushy jobs. Whoops!

Put a couple posters up, and not bad really.

A 23-year-old named Brandon S. was lucky enough to get one of these dream jobs, yet quickly found out that amongst all the exciting perks like on site dry cleaning, nap rooms and free Kombucha enemas (I assume) there are a few drawbacks. As you may have heard living in the Bay Area is insanely expensive. Brandon lived in the cheapest option available; a corporate two bedroom apartment shared by FOUR people each paying $2000. So he moved into a 128 square foot truck that he parks in the Google company parking lot, letting him save 90 percent of his income. He paid $10,000 for the truck using his sweet Google signing bonus and his only real bill is $121 a month on insurance. He says he is currently about to break even. Win!

OK, what is with the turtle?

As a software engineer at Google he really never leaves work anyway and why would he? While the inside of the truck has a bed, a dresser and a rack for his clothing, all of his other life needs are taken care of on the Google campus. He can charge his computer at work, use the company gym to shower and he gets a free breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus he doesn’t have a commute. After a long day of work he can just step outside of his office and he is home… sounds delightful?

You will never leave.

Surprisingly Google security is all good with the arrangement; I can imagine most places would freak out if they discovered an employee living in their parking lot.  

This might be a good plan for other people in the area who don’t work at Google. Local schools are having trouble keeping teachers who can’t afford to live in the Bay Area. This is a place where someone tried to start a hipster, luxury private city bus line with leather seats and five dollar cups of coffee and muffins for sale. You can follow more of Brandon’s truck living adventures on his blog at Thoughts From Inside The Box. Would you live in a truck to save money if it meant you had to sleep outside your work?

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Source: Business Insider