17 Types Of Awesome Christmas Gifts You Can Find At The Goodwill For Cheap

I know what you’re thinking; “Buying stuff at the thrift store?! Gross! It’s been…like…used!” But really it’s not unlike all of those new items at the mall that people have already handled with their dirty fingers and coughed all over before just putting it back for YOU to buy…and at quadruple the price. So let’s take a minute to appreciate the type of items that you can find at pretty much ANY Goodwill in your area for less than $5 bucks.

1. Gifts for Dad: Can’t Go Wrong With Some Ties And Sunglasses

This is a no brainer. We all know Goodwill sells clothes, not to mention a shit ton of ties and sunglasses. Just wanted to remind you before you spend $50 on a new neck tie he’ll barely wear anyway.

2. Gifts For Mom: So Many Damn Baskets

Seriously, go to any Goodwill and you’ll find at least three shelves filled with all types of baskets. Subsequently, go to your moms house and you’ll find something you’ve probably never noticed before: She fucking loves baskets.

3. Gifts For Grandparents: This Grandparenty Stuff

A big ceramic “JOY” sign depicting kids playing in the snow? She’ll love it!  Grandpa, well, he’s already taking a nap by the time this gift is open anyway.

4. Gifts For Uncles And Cousins: More Mugs And Glassware Than You Can Friggin’ Count

Everyone loves a nice mug. What, you were going to buy them a gift card instead? Amateur.

5. Gifts For Your Weird Aunt: Creepy Dolls

Whether you have an aunt that collects weird porcelain dolls or just a friend who seems to always be undertaking art projects where they just tear shit apart as a way to deconstruct their childhood (or whatever the hell it is they’re doing), this one is just to inform you that Goodwill has no shortage in the weird dolls department. Their eyes follow you wherever you go.

6. Gifts For That Classic Literature Lover (and not-so-classic literature lover)


I actually bought the Beavis and Butt-Head: Reading Sucks book. Your loss.

7. Gifts For A Kid: The Frames Section Always Has Something A Kid Would Like

Whether it’s a picture of Donald Duck, Dora the Explorer or a full size Guardians of the Galaxy poster, you seriously can’t lose with this section.  And not just framed pictures for kids either, which leads us to…

8. Gifts For Your White Elephant Party: Spanish Speaking Jesus, Everyone.

Yes, the framed art section of Goodwill has more interesting pieces like Spanish Jesus with rainbows coming out of his chest. Just dig, you’ll find something in 5 seconds.

9. Gifts For Anyone Looking For A Big Ass Full Screen TV.

Know someone who always wanted to live like a villain from an episode of Miami Vice? Goodwill has you covered.

10. Gifts For The Hipster: VCR’s, Alarm Clocks from the 90’s, etc.

Seriously, check right now to see how much VCR’s are actually worth. It’s like over $70 to get a new VCR/DVD player – which Goodwill has for under $5. Just saying!

11. Gifts For Male And Female Movie Buffs: The Rock or It’s Complicated…Just To Name Two.

The occasional DVD box may have a disc missing but you can often luck out and scoop up a practically new DVD for $3. But who uses DVD anymore, you might ask? Everyone, you itunes, nerd. Everyone.

12. Gifts For Anyone Who Needs A Lamp…Which Is Everyone On Earth.

Seriously, so many f*cking lamps. Living room lamps, camping lamps, night table lamps, lamps for lamps….

12. Gifts For Anyone Who Needs A Vacuum…Which Is Also Everyone On Earth.

Not joking, vacuums cost almost $70 or higher. Yeah, but it’s probably broken, which is why they gave it to a Goodwill, right? Well just so you know, Goodwill employees test all of the products before they hit the floor but if you’d rather spend five times as much for the same vacuum, it’s your bank account, buddy.

14. Gifts For The Sports Fan: Golfing, Bike Helmets, Tennis Racquets, And More!

It’s true, you can find practically any sports equipment at a Goodwill in pretty solid shape. The walker however could be a hint to the older shoppers to just get some more exercise in their daily routine.

15. Gifts For The Music Fan: Classic Albums…And Not So Classic Albums

Much like the DVDs section, they have any CD you could possibly be looking for for any genre of music. Personally, I do like to have DVDs on hand instead of a bunch of downloads. You’ll thank me later when your hard drive crashes.

16. Gifts For The Music Fan Looking For The MC Hammer Album When He Turned To Gangsta Rap


17. Gifts For People Who Like To Tell Time…While Turning Heads

Goodwill has the more conventional time pieces but that’s boring, so let’s focus on the more interesting wrist-wear they have to offer. If any of you are a friend of Dolly Parton, something tells me she’d love the big one in the middle.