Yucca Valley Taqueria Throws Down Like a Champ

One of the worst things about social media, besides nearly everything, is the way businesses feel they need to interact with consumers.  Have you ever cared what Kleenex has to say on Twitter?  Do you really want to keep up to date on Ford’s Facebook habits?  No.  Only the insane do.  The insane and moms who don’t get how the internet works still.  That said, every so often a business really shines online and you need to write a story about it.

In Yucca Valley, California, which we understand is somewhere out there in the desert where the Mongolian death worms live, there was a restaurant called Gonzo Tacos.  We have to refer to Gonzo in the past tense as they’ve sadly and recently gone out of business.  But why?  By all accounts, Gonzo was an old school kick ass taqueria with hand made tortillas and everything made from scratch, the way it should be.  Not for nothing but I’d punch a nun for a scratch made taco dinner nearly every day of the week, that’s some tasty stuff.  The restaurant has an average 4 stars on Yelp and their menu included traditional Mexican as well as fusion offerings like  Carne Wasabisada and Chicken Tikka.  They sounded cool.  Then the owners posted this on Facebook;

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So if anyone is looking for a vacation destination, and of course if anyone works for Yucca Valley tourism, let’s all pay special notice to this joint being chock full of inbred, meth snorting hicks!

Interestingly enough, if you go to their still active Facebook page, they’ve since posted a clip form South Park and a music video, and the responses to this particular post are mostly from people who liked the restaurant and want to apologize for how crappy the town is.  Now, of course, that doesn’t mean the people in Yucca Valley are all inbred, meth snorting hicks at all, but it does mean that at least some of the locals share that sentiment.

This leads to the question of just what’s wrong with inbred, meth snorting hicks.  the only experience most of us have with desert-dwelling inbred hicks is likely thanks tot he movie The Hills Have Eyes and if that’s the case, we have to stand behind Gonzo Tacos because the guys in that movie were super awful and they killed people and were gross.  And they didn’t even use meth.

So if everyone liked Gonzo Tacos and its Hunter S Thompson theme with its eclectic menu, how the heck did it fail?  Only the inbred, meth snorting hicks know for sure.  As for the guys from Gonzo, may they find a little inner peace and start again somewhere more accommodating.