Golfer Getting Drunk For 24 Hour Tournament Gets Head Stuck In Garbage Can

Like bowling, golfing is one of those sports that I really enjoy because it is perfectly acceptable to bring beer and get drunk while you play. There is nothing better than heading out for a few rounds of golf and drinks and on nice summer day. For one golfer in England participating in a 24-hour charity tournament, it seems as the day went on he concentrated more on the rounds of booze than golf. Dave Sayers got so blasted he ended up with his head stuck in a garbage can! He was either getting really drunk or he just stared down at those awesome pants he was wearing and lost his mind:

This guy got a hole in one but probably not the one he was hoping for. Sayers says that after pounding 12 -13 cans of beer he was getting a little whacky. He says:

‘Throughout the day I’d been throwing my clubs round, because that’s what I often end up doing, and a couple of them were bent so at the end I said “right, these are going in the bin.”

I have heard of wearing a lampshade but this is crazy.

Apparently throwing his golf clubs in the trash wasn’t on par enough with how much drunken debauchery he wanted to commit. On the way to the 19th hole for more booze, the man from Newcastle-uner0-Lyme thought he could top sticking his clubs in the trash, by putting his head in for a laugh! Let’s hope his putting skills are better than his prank skills. His mates sure had a good laugh:

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When his head became stuck in the opening of the garbage can his pals stood around laughing at him for ten minutes, refusing to help. Eventually someone grabbed a can of Vaseline and lubed up the poor duffer. Greasing someone up just like a regular Tiger Woods! Nice!

What  a bunch rubbish!
However, let’s not take the piss out of him too much as it was all for a good cause. Members of the Wolstanton Golf Club organized the 24 hour charity tournament to raise money for a member’s wife who has leukemia.  -The group even used flashing golf balls so they could play at night. Sayers’ golf buddies now call him “The Bin Man” and tell him to stop “talking rubbish.”

What is the craziest thing you ever did while golfing?

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Source: Daily Mail