Finally! You Can Now Buy “Golden Girls” Granny Panties!

Te Golden Girls looking golden.

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Dude, this is totally a great Christmas gift for your grandma, mom, sister or girlfriend. Granny panties (aka, enormous underwear) with the “Golden Girls” faces on them are now available.

Okay. Don’t buy them for your girlfriend. Or sister, because that’s just weird.

Golden Girls Blanche GIF.

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Boner killer jokes are too obvious here, so I’ll forego those. Here are the facts:

Golden Girl panties, collect all four!

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  • Pugh says: “I’ve been day dreaming about making these for a while. I finally just found time to whip them up.”
  • Her Etsy site has a tagline that reads: “Not your Grannies Panties”.
  • The NBC show ran from 1985 until 1992, but never showcased any of them in their panties… thank the good Lord for that.

granny panties that say 'hot granny'.

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  • Candice Pugh wanted to make sure that each of the girls’ personalities stood out in the undies.
  • The Rose is innocent and white (weren’t they all white?).

Betty white as Rose on the Golden Girls panties.

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Sophia Golden Girls panties

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  • The Dorothy design is black, perhaps because of her dark sense of humor.

the rose pany design from the golden girls.

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  • The Blanche is lime green. This character is also Pugh’s favorite.

Dorothy from the Golden Girls on a pair of panties.

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  • Is this all that Pugh sells on her Etsy page?
  • Hell no! She also has panties with kittens on them, a fallopian tube and an image of Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling on panties

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  • Because the first thing I want to see when I’m undressing my lady is a picture of Ryan Gosling just below her waist.
  • Or a fallopian tube.
  • Is this Candice Pugh lady trying to insure that no woman ever has sex again?

No more sex logo.

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  • She said she started doing this because she was tired of “a lack of comfortable and flattering lingerie for women of all sizes.”
  • Ah, there it is. This all makes way more sense now…
  • Still, nothing will ever beat this underwear design:

Sponge Bob Square Pants thong

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