A Company Will Torture Your Enemies By Texting Them Annoying Goat Memes

Findng a perfect way to get back at your enemies isn’t always legal. Sure, you’d like to do some physical damage, but sometimes mental warfare is the perfect way to go, especially if you can just pay someone to do it for you in case they’re the type of enemy that likes to retaliate. Lucky for you and your scheming ways, a company is offering to do the dirty work for you and by dirty, they really mean texting completely random goat meme messages in the form of really dumb jokes along with really silly pictures of goats. It’s bad when you get a text from a number you don’t recognize but it’s even worse if it’s clearly from some maniac who just apparently loves goat jokes.

The site is called Goat Attack and it’s pretty damn genius. Of course they pitch the idea so that you can also pay to have your friends get bombarded with goat memes but really, this seems more suitable for someone you just really dislike, right?

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With pictures of goats accompanied by random phrases like “Stand back I goat this” and “Row row row your goat, bitches!” I can’t think of a better way to annoy the hell out of someone. They also offer custom goat messaging in case you really are trying to get a point across for only 50 cents more. With the quick success Goat Attack has already received, orders are apparently on hold because obviously there’s no better (and legal) revenge on the market right now.

Head ot GOAT ATTACK to get in on the torture.

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