Gmail Has Created An UNDO Send Option Making The World A Better Place

Ever had that moment when you hit SEND on an email you immediately wish you hadn’t? Hell, I did it just yesterday! First we all imagine someone sending dirty images to the wrong email address, but it’s much more than that. Imagine emailing your resume into a company when the email was only half finished. Then you gotta send another email, which automatically makes you look like an idiot. And the instances go on and on. But now, Google has come to our rescue with an official UNDO option after hitting send on some regrettable emails.

You can set the function to work after 5 seconds or up to 30 seconds. Personally I’d go automatically for the 30 second option because I’m not a robot and we all make mistakes. You’ve got some real brass ones if you only go for the 5 second setting. Of course after 30 seconds, it’ll be too late to catch whatever error you may have added in your email, so pay attention people!

Google announced this new feature Monday which was automatically updated to any existing Gmail accounts. Unlike U2’s album, this is a needed addition so thank you for doing the work for us, Google. Of course with this new option, it shouldn’t make your email writing skills any lazier knowing you have the UNDO option ready and waiting. Otherwise we’ll just be forced to go back to letter writing and telephone calls. I’d rather not re-learn cursive, it was awful enough to learn the first time.