Girls Talking About #Hashtags. How Much Can You Stand?

In the course of bringing you the web’s best videos, we frequently come across things we wish we could unsee. Usually, those things illustrate the worst of humanity. Actually… this isn’t much different. This week’s endurance challenge is a video of girls talking about their favorite hashtags. How long can you last? Let us know in the comments. 

Here’s what how far you’ve made it says about you:

:00 – :07 As far as you know, no one saw you start the video, so you don’t have any explaining to do. #whew

:07 – :15 Bailing now is a natural response to a high-pitched tween squeal. #masculinityunchallenged


:15 – :45 You just sat through a lame story about how this chica loves to say hashtags out loud. That’s in your brain now. We made you dumber. #Sorrywerenotsorry


1:30 You know what? You were waaaaaay too into Bethany’s story about Instagramming food pictures. #meganslaw


1:55 You’re not even watching this ironically anymore. #killyourself


2:45 How did you last this long? Is it that you’ve never actually used Twitter and are trying to figure it out?  #Instagrampa


3:00 This conversation is currently happening, “No, it’s something on No, totally stupid. Not even watching it. Just making it to the end because I started. FINE! I’LL TURN IT OFF!” #coolpointsdepleted


3:30 Hey! Hey! You left this video running in a tab in the background.


4:05 or beyond…


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