This Girl’s Senior Photos Win Because A Naked Dude Wandered Into Them

These days, you can either go for a serious senior photo or do something a little more comedic. However this 17-year-old senior in Oregon kinda went both ways. At first, she was taking a nice picturesque photo of her standing in the Willamette River, as one does, but then the whole photoshoot got hilarious real quick when a naked dude showed up in the background to say hello.

What occurred in the background looked more like an X-Rated opening to the Andy Griffith Show, a totally naked dude just walking his dog along a river. The senior, Jillian Henry, recognized how ridiculous and well-timed the whole damn thing was and tweeted her new precious senior photos, which racked up over 44,000 retweets. That’s like…a fuck ton of retweets!

She captioned the images with “Love my senior pics.” And we love them too!

love my senior pics ??

— jillian henry (@jill_henn) August 28, 2016

Unfortunately for Jillian and the rest of us, she never did find out who that un-caped crusader was. Safe to say he’s clearly the Bruce Wayne of the Oregon backwoods.

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