Girls Doing NOTHING! How Much Will You Watch?

If there’s one thing that is absolutely true about being a guy, it is that we’ll waste lamentable amounts of time watching girls do just about anything. ANYTHING. Well, what about girls doing nothing? How long will you watch absolutely nothing happen as long as there are girls and the promise of boobs? Let’s find out. As always, watch this as long as you can and leave your time in the comments. Then come back and see where you rank.

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Here’s what how long you lasted says about you:
:00 – :15 You work in porn all day, and looking at another pair of boobs today is just going to remind you of work.
:15 – :30 You consume porn all day, and looking at another pair of boobs today just feels like work.
:30 – :45 You’ve finished Shazamming the song and are off to Youtube to listen to the song without having to deal with the distraction of boobs. Ugh, boobs.
:45 – :60 You were only watching this video because of your interest in lace. Once she covered it up, you were out. 
:60 – 1:20 What? FOUR girls? That’s a full 33% more than you were expecting. You’re working on your comment now: “Forget you, Break. This IS too much of a good thing.”
1:20 – 1:50 You followed the directions on her panties and took it off. You’re also no longer reading this… It’s ok. We’ll be here when you’re done.
1:50 – 2:10 You’re offended by the gratuitous juxtaposition of boobs and shamrocks. You hate the way St. Patrick’s Day has been co-opted– it’s like nobody remembers the real reason for the holiday. 
2:10 – 2:40 You finally realized that these girls are doing absolutely nothing, which is the same as you’re doing with your life. Now get out there and accomplish something.
2:40 – 3:10 Moment of clarity. You were feeling uncomfortable with having girls stare at you the same way you stare at them. It’s as though they’re real people and not just objects!
3:10 – 3:40 Despite having had access to the internet all your life, this is your first time to seeing a woman. You’re welcome.
3:40End You thought you were going to see boobs, didn’t you? Well, we got your back… scroll down. 
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You’re welcome.
– Earnest (follow me on Twitter @earnestp)