Girlfriend Slams Boyfriend And Mistress To Ground After Seeing Them At Cafe

You’d think that if you were cheating on your girlfriend you’d at least try to hide it – staying indoors, going to restaurants a few towns over and putting a bag on your face as you walk around in public are all good ways to not get busted.

And yet this unnamed Brazilian guy chose to do none of these things, and instead flaunt his side chick out in public. Well, “flaunt” is a strong word – they were eating at a restaurant. The point is, they should’ve picked somewhere else to dine as apparently his current girlfriend enjoys the same spot:

Seemingly out of nowhere, the current girlfriend flies in like a bat outta hell and punches the guy in the side of the head. Leaving no stone unturned, she then grabs the side chick’s hair and drags her to the floor. The three scuffle around on the ground for a bit, until finally the girlfriend gets up and throws one of the plastic chairs at her newly minted ex-boyfriend.

Sadly, you get one shot when you find out your partner is cheating on you and this lady blew it. Picking a fight at a restaurant? Come on. On what planet are you gonna win or do any lasting damage? If you’re gonna get revenge on your partner you gotta make it worthwhile – shit in his morning bowl of Cheerios for all I care; scooping a spoon full of wet dookie into your mouth at 9 a.m. on a Tuesday is more traumatic than what this chick tried to pull off.

Do better next time.

[H/T Daily Mail]