This Girl Thought It Was A Good Idea To Apply A Fake Tan With A Paint Roller

Sometimes it’s better to just let your natural looks get you through the day. Not too much makeup, not too many tattoos and certainly not too much tanning. This particular girl on the other hand needed to be tan, and while on a budget no less, she thought she figured out the perfect way to apply her own fake tan with supplies from Home Depot. Needless to say, she turned out looking like, well, you’ll see.

She posted this before picture to show people how proud she was that she came up with the perfect technique for those people who can’t afford a spray tan or a tanning salon. Scientists often create a hypothesis before the experiment. This girl was already sold.

Well, it turned out to be not as brilliant of an idea as she had hoped. Now she looks like Dakota Fanning in black face.

The girl did admit to calling out of work the next day and rightfully so, but wasn’t too embarassed enough to NOT post a photo of this aftermath, especially if people had actually paid attention to her first post and ran out to buy some fake tan and paint rollers.

The worst part of the image is her holding the paint roller with dripping black coming from it. But she finished her whole body and that says something about seeing the job through at least.

In conclusion, yes or no?