Girl Uses Ridiculous Kanye West Quotes To Get A Tinder Date, And It Works

Online dating can be one decent way to avoid the perils of approaching a stranger in public and asking for their number but Tinder is slowly becoming a medium for comedy more than any sort of avenue for a meaningful relationship. Whether that’s good or bad, Tinder is a great platform for social experiments, one in particular this female decided to take on. The assignment: To see how guys on Tinder would respond to nothing but bizarre Kanye West quotes. The result: Dudes are willing to put up with any amount of crazy to get laid.

1. Guy named Arjun

2. Guy named Esskay

3. Guy named Lewis

4. Guy named Tom

5. Guy named Andrew

6. Guy named Alvin

7. Guy named Balla

8. Guy named Fabien

At least Fabien has pointed out that she’s definitely crazy. The sad part is he’s willing to put up with it like everyone else.

So what have we learned with this experiment? It’s no surprise that Kanye West remains popular, despite his constant ramblings. Clearly the male sex enjoys it! Add a vagina and guys are, and will always be willing to put up with any amount of crazy a girl has to offer despite common sense.